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From makers to sellers to consumers. The uncompromising original brand of Beam Corporation, which knows each person's point of view and thoughts.

The various things we experience in our daily lives, such as joy, surprise, curiosity, and anticipation, are very important to us. We always feel the moment of dancing somewhere. We want you to feel those moments more and more importantly. COTTA is a collection of carefully selected materials, uncompromising design, and wholeheartedly crafted products made by skilled craftsmen. We offer high quality products that will make you feel a "touch of excitement" in manufacturing. We offer high quality products that will make you feel a thrill when you have them and use them. We aim to make products that will be loved by everyone for a long time as "COTTA" in Italian.

Features of COTTA

Tanned with natural wood tannin according to an old Italian method in Tuscany Made of vachetta leather. It is still carefully crafted by hand, piece by piece, as a luxury leather that cannot be mass-produced.

We are proud of the fact that our products are handcrafted by artisans, which cannot be experienced by machine production. The Japanese craftsmanship is the driving force behind our high quality leather products.

Thorough product management is carried out to ensure that our products will be loved and appreciated for a long time. Because our products are made with the utmost care, we do not compromise on anything until the moment you hold them in your hands.

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A new generation of winter wear that is both functional and fashionable, "Neo Heat". Under the supervision of a stylist, it is not only fashionable, but it also uses the energy of mobile batteries to keep you warm. It's warm for long periods of time, machine washable, water resistant and safe.

Features of Neo Heat

This product is made of a new material called "nano-flexible material" made with aerospace applications. You can wear excellent warmth with the energy of mobile batteries.

Stylist Shun Oyama was appointed as the design producer. We pursued a design that can be worn not only as work clothes, but also as everyday wear.

The heater unit used by NeoHeat is only 0.5mm thick, and it is thin and flexible. You won't feel the stiffness when you wear it. The insulating and protective sheet has heat resistance to withstand a high temperature of approximately 280°C.

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