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    We are a comprehensive planning company and also a product creation company.

Our Service

What you can do with Beam Corporation 3of our main business area.


【Product Manufacturing / Brand Strategy】
Manufacturing with commitment. Deliver products with carefully selected materials in the form of craftsmanship. We have a comprehensive services include product planning, manufacturing, brand strategy and sales promotion.

Find suitable product

【Product Planning / Trading Business】
We find products according to the consumer's perspective, both domestically and internationally. And we also provide selling method from our knowhow that cultivated by sales promotion activities.

Sell products

【sales promotion】
Beam Corporation actively responds to customer needs by collecting / analyzing the latest technology and developing new materials ,that make us can respond quickly to the needs of the market. We will make good products that can be sold through promotion activities in store, event, WEB, etc.

Our Company

Reasons for becoming a general planning company / product creation company

Beam Corporation started as an importer. At that time, we realized that not only “making good products” but also “how to sell” is necessary for products to be sold.
From that time on, we realized that we shall try our best in sales promotion if aimed on professional of selling product.
In order to achieve the above objectives We have experience in various fields such as production of store POP, booth development at various exhibition events, and promotion on the web. Through these experiences, we realized that the consumer's perspective was just as important to sales promotions as the creators wanted.
And now we can be called a comprehensive planning company that knows the thoughts and perspectives of the creators (manufacturers), sellers (retailers) and buyers (consumers). Now, we input products that are not yet be sale in Japan from overseas and provide to retailers (trading companies), at the same time, we also plan the products ourselves, and manufacture independently.
We launched the original brand [COTTA] and received positive evaluation by manufacturers and retailers.
In this way, we have evolved from [a company that plans strategies for selling] to [a company that finds and saleable products] and [a company that creates saleable products].

Our Philosophy

Beam Corporation ' goal is to become such a company
・ Make a good idea converted to a good product
・ Make a good product converted to a saleable product
・ Provide a convenient life to consumers
Our mission is providing you with a comprehensive service that we can do with our rich experience as planner, seller, and buyer.