from Imagination
to Creation.

Our History

Since its founding, Beam Corporation had set an international strategy, the founder traveled across Europe and Asia, and attempted to start business of introducing products that Japan did not yet have. With different kinds of early efforts, the products that carefully selected base on the consumer's perspective were gradually covered by the media and gained more attention.

We are committed to develop satisfaction and trust by delivering good products and excitement to more people. The thoughts and motivation were evaluated, and we received a request from a major sales companies for comprehensive presentation including sales promotion, and started a full-scale sales promotion business. As a professional group for sales, we are always pursuing comprehensive presentations including sales promotion to build the trust and foundation of Beam Corporation.

Then, we aimed to create better products while improve our sense by trying to develop various products.with the aim, we provided support to brand development business for customers and also launched a private brand. Except the value of the products, we prefer to discover the story behind it to create new value.
Under these efforts,the number of supporters and business partners in Japan and overseas who agree with the values of Beam Corporation is increasing, and the possibilities continue to expand not only in Japan but also to the world.

Our Vision

To develop the "BEAM brand" all over the world, we are trying to make ideas come true by manufacturing with high requirement. In addition to quality, safety and security, we will take on the challenge of manufacturing that can be proud of the world with our knowledge and experience from ideas, senses, planning to distribution that support good products.

Our Mission

In order to realize our vision, the mission of Beam Corporation is to pursue the "Material satisfaction and spiritual satisfaction" for employees and all stakeholders. We will continue to be a company that creates social value, aiming for harmonious development between the local community and the international community.

Our Value

Beam Corporation's logo mark includes "people" and "international" as motifs. No matter how the environment surrounding Beam Corporation changes, it expresses the attitude of trying to lead the times and Beam Corporation 's unique sense of speed.

Behavioral Guidelines


Each of our employees takes the brand as a guideline,and strive to improve the "quality of mind" and propose high quality services and products to our customers.


To create the environment that realizes our customers dreams are be thought as our mission that must work hard daily.


We will promptly catch the needs of the market and act in a speedy manner to satisfy the customer's request.


We implement the on-site principle to learning from the market that changes day by day,and aim to be a pioneer of new markets.